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Prevalence of antibody and toxin against edema disease from pig farms in Jeonbuk province

인투앱 관리자
2024-05-21 10:30
Korean J. Vet. Serv. 2023; 46(4): 325-334, Published online December 30, 2023

Sun-Young Cho, Jeong Hee Yu, Yeong Ju Yu, Han-Jun Lee, Jin Hur



Edema disease (ED) in pigs is enterotoxemia caused by Shiga toxin type 2e (Stx2e)-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) and frequently occurs in young piglets. Therefore, ED causes enormous economic losses in pig farms. In this study, a modified Stx2e (mStx2e) antigen was expressed and purified using commercial E. coli expression system. Monoclonal antibody was serviced by Ynto Ab Inc., using Phage Display Technique. Anti-Stx2e antibodies in piglets were measured by indirect ELISA using mStx2e antigens. Naive Stx2e in piglets were detected by Sandwich ELISA using Stx2e-monoclonal antibodies and commercial Stx2e-polyclonal antibodies. Among 3,480 piglets, anti-Stx2e antibodies were observed in 2,573 piglets. The 49.4% among 830 piglet serum samples possessed 0.625 μg/mL or more of Stx2e proteins. The 18.3% of 830 sera had 0.313 μg/mL of Stx2e proteins. The 32.3% of 830 samples held 0.156 μg/mL or less of Stx2e proteins. These results show that indirect ELISA using mStx2e antigen and Sandwich ELISA using Stx2e-monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies can be useful to detect ED in piglets.

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