YNTOAB is a bio-venture that envisions the future of the bio industry.

YntoAb is searching for
sincere and diligent individuals
who want to grow with the company.

Sincerity is fundamental to everything we do.
Even if you possess enthusiasm, if you lack sincerity, that passion will rapidly wane. Even if you are creative, you cannot convey your creative thoughts if you are not sincere, and no matter how well you communicate, if you are not sincere, it becomes a pointless conversation.

A person who works with sincerity in all endeavors may achieve any goal.

Welfare benefits



Monthly support of 100,000 won. Puzzles, legos, physical activity, foreign language studies, and so forth. The company is behind your self-development.


Celebrating employee’s birthdays

Congratulatory fund of 100,000 won is provided. Get yourself a nice present.


Annual leave system

Approval for annual leave is not required. Just report and you can ‘go~'


Family events

We will create a company that brings you joy on good days and relieves you of burdens on bad days.


Flexible working system

Isn't everyone's lifestyle unique? Go to work at any moment between 8 and 10 a.m., depending on your schedule! Abiding 52 work hours per week; Implementing 40 work hours per week



Have fun selecting your coffee. A selection of beverages and snack sets are always available. Note: the company is not responsible for your weight gain.